This project has only a very limited amount of time for answering emails and develop new functionalities. For this reason the followed rules were made to reduce the number of "unnecessary" emails.

In case there is a question it is possible to contact me via email. Before contacting me read carefully this section and the FAQ. Most questions should be answered there.

All emails with attachments I did not requested will be deleted. There will be no exception! For this reason don't send any type of pictures, documents or other files. They will be deleted without any notification. You should write your eMail in clear wording, and do not use unusual abbreviations. I will not find out the meaning if the email is incomprehensible. Emails will be answered only if it is necessary!

Some things to possible questions

1. If there is a question regarding licensing there are a few important points:
  • In case you are using the software and and think you violate license terms (i.e. usage in commercial environment), just uninstall the software.
  • You do not know if your environment is commercial or not. Ask yourself if your organisation is a private or educational environment. If not you are not allowed to use this software.
  • There will not be any commercial licenses available, so don't ask!
  • If I find out a license violation I'll report this at the adequate location.
2. Questions regarding the License agreement will not be answered since it is clear wording.

3. If there is a bug report, please check the list of known bugs. If the bug is not listed you can report this bug by contacting me.

4. If there is a question regarding support of an operating system that is currently not supported don't ask. If I will support an new operating system I'll post it here.

5. If there is a question regarding a release date for a new version don't ask. If I have any news, I'll post it here.

6. If there is a question regarding a Notebook hardware problem don't ask. Contact the support of your Notebook manufacturer.

Unfortunately I receive more and more spam. If you try to contact me it may be possible your eMail was detected as spam and eaten by the spam filter of the eMail service I use!
I check the spam folder once in the month, therefore you should state in the subject line of your eMail what you want in an few words and that the eMail is no spam!